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Lies Trans People Tell


Non-binary people having to lie to access trans-related healthcare treatment? Must be a day ending with ‘Y’. Good article by Naith Payton.

oh hey thats why my views suddenly jumped today. cheers!

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Fantastic cosplay outside the George R.R. Martin/Robin Hobb event!

There’s me with Robb and Margery! And there’s Jon Snow, borrowing my boyfriend’s spare sword.

Oh man I totally I misread that as “Jon Snow, my boyfriend” and was all “what no that’s my boyfriend he would have told me if he was dating someone else what the hell.”

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Okay, so, a pretty awesome thing happened at LonCon3 over the weekend.

We met GRRM in our Stoneheart and Robb Stark cosplays, got books signed, got a photo with him, all suitably cool and within the realm of expectations. But then! The PR team at Harper Voyager publishers were so excited by our costumes that they asked us to get a few other GoT cosplayers together for a special event!

And so it was that last night, myself and the whole pack of GoT cosplayers in the photos above were invited to attend the exclusive, sold-out launch party for The World Of Ice And Fire, and Robin Hobb’s new book, Fool’s Assassin. We got complimentary tickets and VIP drinks and gifts, plus photos with the authors, and in return we just had to stalk up and down the waiting crowd outside and provide a bit more colour to the event.

More photos, sorry for the lack of a readmore but I can’t remember the html and bloody tumblr doesn’t include the option for readmores on image posts for some reason.

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Hirstory lesson time! When heading to all your “Pride” parties this weekend, don’t forget the people who came before us, those who paved the way, who are often overlooked especially by mainstream LGB(T) “culture”.

Marsha P Johnson was an American transgender rights activist, Queen of Stonewall and Transgender Revolutionary. She was a co-founder of Street Transvestite Action Revolutionaries (S.T.A.R.) in the early 1970s and became the “mother” of S.T.A.R. House along with Sylvia Rivera. They would get together food and clothing to help support the young trans women living in the house on the lower East Side of NYC.

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What I’ve Been Cooking - Stuffed Courgettes

What I’ve Been Cooking – Stuffed Courgettes

If you grow courgettes, this is the time of year where everything is courgettes. Filling up your fridge, falling out of cupboards, surprising you at the top of the stairs.

And if you’re like me, once you find a good recipe, you make lots of different variations on it all the damn time. I’ve been making stuffed courgettes.

Basic recipe is:
Split one courgette per person lengthways, scoop out the…

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Polyamory Is Weird - Apparently


Polyamory Is Weird – Apparently

When it comes to gay and bisexual acceptance, we’re not doing too badly. Trans stuff? We’re getting there (slowly). But non-monogamy is still one thing people find hardest to accept.

I’m polyamorous – that means having multiple intimate relationships, sexual or romantic, with the full knowledge and consent of everyone involved. I’ve been seeing my boyfriend for four years (exactly!), and I…

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